My accompaniment takes place from the first meeting until the talk about your birth-experience. During this time a wonderful trust base and a good relationship is created. I am happy to accompany you.


The phone call in advance

If you are interested to meet me before the course starts, we can make a phone-call and talk about your wishes and needs for the birth. Maybe you would like to tell me about your previous birth-experience. Often it feels good to talk about own experiences and to focus an individual preparation for the next birth. As a therapist i am gladly available for this. Questions about the course and birth can be answered.


The Group-Course

The courses take place in small groups with 5 or 6 couples. This group size is perfect to work intensively with all parents. I also answer questions between the course via e-mail. During the course the parents can relax on pillows with blankets. Pezziballs and chairs are also available. Snacks and beverages are available during the group course as well as drinks like water, various teas or coffee. Sweet and salty variations are available as snacks.

In the Course Units 1-4 you go through the entire HypnoBirthing-Program. You should participate these Units as early as possible in your pregnancy, so that you have enough time for practice and organisation after the course. Therefore, parents will be able to use “their” techniques very effectively during pregnancy and birth. In these units, you will learn everything you need for a gentle and self-determined birth and you are already optimally prepared. 

The 5th Unit can be booked separately and you should participate as close as possible to the Due Date because additional visualizations of birth, opening for birth and bonding are parts of this Unit. This Unit can be booked separately, as the Due Dates differ in group courses.


The course includes following Units:

Unit 1:

  • Presentation of the group 
  • Philosophy & Benefits of HypnoBirthing 
  • Historical development of birth 
  • How a labouring mother´s body acts during birth and she can support this process 
  • What is absolutely necessary for a gentle and safe birth and what should be avoided? 
  • Explanation of the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome and how fear and tension affect birth 
  • How parents can prepare themselfes for childbirth mentally

Unit 2:

  • Bonding – prenatal and postnatal bonding with your baby
  • How to choose the perfect place to give birth
  • Breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques that are perfect for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Information about nutrition during pregnancy
  • Information about Pelvic-Floor-Exercises and Perineal Massage

Unit 3:

  • Further deepening techniques
  • Detailed talk about the Birth Preference List and possible ways to enjoy an individual Birth
  • Paperwork to do in Germany after Birth
  • Information about Breech Position and available Possibilities
  • Routine procedures and standards during childbirth and ways of more individual support
  • How to deal with negative thoughts and fear about birth and parenthood

Unit 4:

  • The optimal Birth Position of the Baby and how to support this
  • Childbirth from the beginning to the end is placed in a timeline so that we can visualize and experience a whole birth from the Thinning and Opening Phase to the Examination of the Baby
  • Ideal Birth Positions for labouring mothers
  • Ways to support natural birth
  • The birth companion gets a lot important information and tips how to support the mother during birth optimally
  • Introduction to Breastfeeding
  • Possibilities of support after Birth

In the Course Units 1-4 you go through the entire HypnoBirthing-Program and you learn everything you need for a gentle and self-determined birth. You will be prepared optimally.


Unit 5: „Last Days before Birth” 

  • Visualizations of birth, opening for the baby and bonding
  • be “ready” for birth
  • the magical first hour of your baby
  • the 4th trimester
  • Answering last questions

The 5th Unit is very helpful for many pregnant women. In the period 3 weeks before and to 2 weeks after the Due Date, that is the baby’s timely birth period, it is very important to be “ready”. The Visualizations are the perfect way to enjoy the last days of your pregnancy. You have the opportunity to ask your last questions and you can meet other Mothers and Fathers with a similar Due Date.


The individual Course

Some parents prefer an individual course at home. There are many reasons for this. Either there is another child and no nanny is available or the couple would like to enjoy a completely individual course. And that is precisely the slogan: individuality. The couples with an individual Course have my full attention. This is also the case in the group course – it just takes more time. Some parents prefer this course at home in familiar surroundings.


After the Course

After the course is practice and preparation time. Parents take the opportunity to create their own Birth Preference List, find the right place for birth, ask questions and organize their changing lifes. In addition, it is important to practice the chosen techniques regularly, especially the breathing techniques. For questions, I am also available in this phase.


After Birth

Most parents tell me in detail about their birth. These are happy moments. A mother with her newborn, a proud father, who lovingly supported and accompanied his wife. A birth is an incredible experience and it is a great pleasure for me to accompany such a wonderful phase of life. Many group courses meet up after birth and good friendships arise.



I don´t see myself “only” as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner giving courses at the weekend. The accompaniment of the parents on their way to a self-determined and gentle birth according to their wishes and needs is an essential component. Whether individual course or group course – parents receive my full support and attention.