That´s the question of many mothers and fathers. The benefits sound good at first, but does the philosophy really fit in? And can you really fulfill the wish for a relaxed and natural birth?
Read my detailed information and benefits of HypnoBirthing.
Important Information to know:
  • Parents prepare themselves for a self-determined, natural birth and want to learn how to experience the birth together in a positive way, lern helpful techniques, find a ideal place for birth, understand the mothers physical processes during birth and mental structures.  So they prepare themselves physically and mentally for birth. HypnoBirthing offers a wonderful and intensive birth preparation for a natural birth.
  • Even though the course format and content are predetermined by Marie Mongan, there are differences between the instructors. A competent instructor is educated as a therapist or physician (psychotherapy, midwife, doctor) and has additional training in hypnotherapy, to that a really professional accompaniment can be ensured.
  • The course should be visited together with the partner, because he is an active member of the birth. If the partner does not attend, he or she does not know the basics about birth and bonding, can not optimally support his partner during birth and enjoy an ideal bonding process during pregnancy and birth. The Partner is an important part of a gentle and safe birth – perhaps even the most important factor for well-being and thus also for the success of a gentle birth! Therefore, courses that are offered only for women, but whose partners will be present at birth, are ompletely unsuitable.
  • Statements and promises of “painless” births through HypnoBirthing are simply not sustainable. How the birth is felt varies from woman to woman. Of course, there are women who describe the birth as minimally intensive to painless. The most of the women have the opinion, that the birth can be intensive in some pahses, but that it is absolutely possible to reduce the intensity by the learned techniques, specially the breathing techniques. And I think this is the best goal a woman can have for childbirth.
  • What, if it does not come as I would like? Many women abstain from preparing for HypnoBirthing, because they believe that birth is not “predictable.” And that is exactly the case! Of course, a birth is not predictable in every detail. Again, this misconception is, in my view, grown on statements of less HypnoBirthing Instructors without professional education and admission as a therapist or physician. The motivation to do HypnoBirthing is not that you want to get a free pass for a perfect birth, but rather create an optimal basis for a self-determined and gentle birth. This is a realistic goal! There are things, that can not be influenced by the mother. And I would like to teach you how to deal with unforeseen events during childbirth. I am glad to prepare you for the birth in a positive and realistic way.
  • What if I need a caesarean section? There are medical reasons that make a Caesarean section necessary. But even in the case of a caesarean section, the HypnoBirthing techniques and information about the birth can be very helpful. If a caesarean section is neededand you want support to prepare yourself fot that, I am glad to accompany you. Take a look at the NeaBea course to prepare for a cesarean birth.