The most beautiful and exciting experience of a woman: the birth of her own child. She deserves protection and safety to give birth comfortable, self-determined and gently. HypnoBirthing is a method of birth preparation by Marie F. Morgan (USA) that prepares parents physically and mentally for childbirth.


  • What will happen to me?
  • Will it be very painfull?
  • Will i get injuries?

This fear is supported by many media. The public opinion about childbirth is often associated with pain and suffering. This fear ist he reason why the birthing muscles become cramped, stress hormones are produced, the Fear-Tension-Pain-Syndrome (Grantly Dick-Read, M.D.) develops.

 Birth preparation with HypnoBirthing

✓ Relaxation techniques, which the mother uses to stay focused during birth
✓ Breathing techniques are supporting the mother´s body at birth
✓ Negative thoughts and ideas about childbirth can be turned into self-confidence
✓ Positive affirmations and visualization techniques for mental preparation
✓ Understanding the true physiology oft the birthing muscles and the need for the mother to be free of tension
✓ Methods to help the body to release painkilling hormons
✓ Several Birth positions, which we try together
✓ Information about pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage to be prepared for a gentle birth
✓ Information about Nutrition
✓ Perfect bonding with your baby before, during and after birth
✓ How to create your birthing preference sheet

 The advantage of HypnoBirthing

✓ The mother and her birth companion are optimally, physically and mentally prepared for childbirth
✓ Negative thoughts and ideas about childbirth can be turned into self-confidence
✓ The giving birth mom can stay relaxed during whole birth by using her relaxation an breathing techniques. Hypnobirths are often described as easy, powerfull and sometimes even as pain-free
✓ HypnoBirthing encourages comfort and relaxation during pregnancy, birth and long afterwards
✓ The birth can be shortened by several hours
✓ Less use of painkilling drugs during birth
✓ Lower risk of birth injuries and circumstances which require medical intervention (caesarean section for example)
✓ „Pushing out the baby“ is replaced by the gentle birth-breathing technique
✓ Parents respond much better to unexpected events and are able to choose the best options for mother & baby
✓ The birth companion is not a “helpless Person” and is informed and prepared to support the mother optimally
✓ Parents and their Babys experience childbirth in a very special way
✓ After the birth the mother usually is active and fit and can experience and welcome her baby with all her senses

The unborn Baby enjoys mumy´s relaxation and happiness.

 About me

✓ I am a certified hypnobirthing trainer with many years of experience and a therapist (psychotherapy)
✓ I gave birth to two children with HypnoBirthing
✓ I also have experience as a birth companion
✓ I support you according to your needs – no matter if you decide to give birth in a clinic, birth center or at home
✓ I am available for questions after the course by phone and email
✓ You can enjoy an optimal preperation for birth in a relaxed and small group with snacks and several bevarages and other parents


 About the Birth Companion

The birth companion has an active role and supports the mother optimally as a well prepared and informed person. The mother and her companion are well-trained team during pregnany and birth. Your birth companion can be your husband/boyfriend, your own mother, a friend or a doula. It is important that you completely trust this person and feel very comfortable with him/her.


 Course Facts

✓ A course is suitable from the 2nd trimester
✓ Your birth companion joins the course
✓ The group-course lasts about 12-14 hours
✓ The courses are in Frankfurt
✓ Small group-courses for a better preperation
✓ Individual courses at home are possible

 Further Information

The HypnoBirthing course is not a medical or mental therapy or treatment. For all health/medical issues and questions concerning pregnancy and childbirth, I refer to your physicians, midwives or other medical professionals.


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