A good preparation for birth is important. But what about the women, who will have an caesarean section due to health issues? This course accompanies you and your partner on your way to a c-section birth, supports the bonding between you and your baby and you can create the passive experience of a c-section into an actively co-determined birth experience. The conditions can often be adapted to your needs, so that the birth of your baby is an unforgettable experience. Well prepared, mum, dad and baby can enjoy the pregnancy together.

Course Advantages

✓ The mental preparation of parents & children can make the way to birth and the puerperal easier and more comfortable
✓ Relaxation can be enhanced by learning the relaxation and breathing techniques
✓ Negative thoughts and ideas can be turned into self-confidence
✓ The course supports bonding in a very special way and strength the mothers positive body feeling
✓ Parents know their birth options and can, by arrangement with the birth team, experience a more individual birth that is adapted to their needs
✓ The planning and preparation and the intensive contact with the mother is a great advantage for the baby
✓ The birth companion is prepared and supports the mother in the best way
✓ Parents can practice their relaxation and mental preparation at home after the course using the professional audio files

Professional audio files for a deep relaxation and ideal mental preparation are included
Course Content

✓ Relaxation and breathing techniques
✓ Visualization exercises and affirmations support bonding, the mother’s positive body feeling, and prepare mother & baby mentally for birth
✓ We create your individual birthing preference sheet and you get many Information how to choose the right hospital for birth
✓ Information about c-section and the role of the midwife
✓ Information about breastfeeding
✓ Individual preparation of the birth companion
✓ Information about pelvic floor exercises and nutrition
✓ Information about important documents & applications during pregnancy and after birth
✓ Possibilities of support during puerperal

Course Start

The course start will be planned individually with you. The start of the course is possible at any time. The participation is especially useful in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Course Information

✓ Individual course at your home, which is adapted to your needs
✓ Skype or Facetime courses are also possible
✓ This course is a pair course but it is also possible to prepare yourself without a partner
✓ The course includes 3 to 4 sessions (depending on our individual planning)

What is included?

✓ A competent and qualified accompaniment during pregnancy
✓ A telephone call before the course on request
✓ The journey to your home (the journey within a radius of 20 km is included)
✓ 3 to 4 sessions
✓ Information, practical tips for a relaxed preparation
✓ Course material including professional audio files for relaxation and mental preparation

Why should i register for this course?

Caesarean section can be recommended for many reasons by the physician. The pregnant women decides, together with the partner and physician/midwife, about the further procedure. Since most women want to give birth naturally, questions and uncertainties arise in those situations. In addition to competent care by a physician and midwife, a good preparation for childbirth can make it easier for parents and baby to handle the new situation. As far as possible, the conditions of a c-section should be adapted to mother and baby´s to afford the baby a good start. This course prepares parents mentally for a c-section birth and contains many important information about the possible conditions and supports bonding long before birth. Also included are many information about the time after birth to support a relaxed puerperal and a better recovery. These and other topics will be deepened during the course.

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to sent me a mail at info@hypnobirthing-babys.de