You never changed a baby´s diaper or bathed a baby? You do not know what and when you have to do and to organize during pregnancy? Then the „Parents-to-be“ Course is ideal for you. Experience an exciting and joyful journey through pregnancy.
This course prepares you perfectly for the adventure parenthood. Bundled knowledge, many practical tips and appealing lists are waiting for you. A baby puppet accompanies us through the course and helps you to learn how to change baby´s diaper, how to bathe a baby and how to dress the baby up.

Course advantages

✓ The course supports parents in their individual planning and organization during pregnancy and after birth
✓ Important topics are explained so that parents can get an overview and can prepare themselves well for their parenthood
✓ Special lists, such as the birthing preference sheet or the layette list, makes planning easier and can be customized according to your needs
✓ Practical training with a baby puppet helps first-time parents to learn to change diapers, to make the perfect baby bath and to dress the baby up
✓ Parents are relaxed and perfectly organized and informed about parenthood
✓ The preparation can make the puerperal much more relaxed, since a lot has already been organized in advance. This leaves more time to cuddle your baby


Videos about baby slings, babybath, put on a baby´s diaper and how to dress up the baby are included
Course content

✓ Practical orientation plan for parents
✓ Information about the role of the midwife
✓ Ways to relax during pregnancy
✓ Mama-care
✓ How to choose the right place for birth and how to create your own birthing preference sheet
✓ Nutrition during pregnancy
✓ Layette – what really makes sense!
✓ How to pack the clinicbag
✓ Ideas for gifts
✓ Preparations for puerperal including recipes
✓ Bonding with your baby
✓ Bathing, changing a baby´s diaper & dressing a baby up
✓ Information about applications & registrations during pregnancy and after birth
✓ Information about baby slings
✓ What about Baby’s sleep?
✓ Information about breastfeeding
✓ How to make your everyday life easier? Practical tips for you

Course start

The course will be planned individually with you. The start of the course is possible at any time. The participation is especially useful in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Course information

✓ Individual course at your home according to your needs

✓ Skype or Facetime courses are also possible
✓ This course is a pair course but it is also possible to prepare yourself without a partner
✓ The course takes about 6-7 hours divided into 2 sessions


What is included?

✓ A competent and qualified accompaniment during pregnancy
✓ A telephone in advance
✓ The journey to your home within a radius of 20 km is included
✓ 2 units
✓ Information, practical tips for a relaxed preparation for parenthood
✓ Course material including professional videos

Why should i register for this course?

Pregnant women are always looking for information because they want only the best for their baby! In order to support parents on their way, I have developed this program. This course can make your parenthood much easier and relaxed.

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