For pregnant women

SchwangerschaftsberatungThe time of pregnancy should be accompanied very well. In addition to a midwife or a gynecological support other things like a psychological support can be helpful – especially in case of acute stress, conflicts and problems. If you feel stressed or if you have many negativ
thoughts you are welcome to contact me. 

For parents and families

Family stress or conflict can also create a high level of stress. In many cases, family members cannot leave their own perspective and cannot be objective with emotional distance. Also as a parent, there can be a lot of challenges with a newborn. Please feel free to contact me, if you are stressed.

When you need more…

A conversation is essential in an acute Situation so that we can find out what you need. If it turns out that a certain mental illness or long-term psychological complaints are present, psychotherapeutic support may be useful or necessary. Please note that psychotherapeutic support does not replace midwife support or medical advice, diagnostics and treatment. If you have any medical questions or physical complaints, please consult a doctor / specialist or a midwife.

Feel free to contact me:

069 – 348 738 50
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