HypnoBirthing Birth Preparation Cource & Pregnant Consultancy

Every mother wants to give birth to her baby gently and every baby wants to be welcomed lovingly. These are the wishes and aims of HYPNOBIRTHING.
Prepare yourself for this wonderful experience.

Herzlich Willkommen bei HypnoBirthing!
Welcome to HypnoBirthing
Herzlich Willkommen bei HypnoBirthing!
Learn more about HypnoBirthing
Is HypnoBirthing something for me?
Relaxed pregnancy with the Parents-to-be Course
Enjoy a wonderful Photo shooting with Julia Pitz
Facts about HypnoBirthing
The benefits
Optimal basis for a gentle birth
Physical and mental preparation.
Course content
What you can look forward to...
... are effective techniques and information.
Enjoy the course
A great course is waiting for you
Enjoy a positive and supportive birth preparation.
Is HypnoBirthing a program for me?
Good question! Find it out.
What is HypnoBirthing and what is the goal?
With or without the partner?
Definitely with your birth companion
Joint participation is very important for you
Course Instructor
What is important to know
She should be a therapist or physician.
The advantages of HypnoBirthing

✓ Birth can be shortened by several hours
✓ Lower risk of birth injury
✓ The mother and her companion are physically and mentally prepared for childbirth
✓ The use of painkilling medication is not necessary in the most cases
✓ Negative thoughts and ideas about childbirth can be turned into self-confidence
✓ And much more

More than 10.000 families used HypnoBirthing Techniques for their self-determined childbirth. HypnoBirthing is now established by many birth centers in Germany.

“There is nothing more emotional in life than to reach out to a small person for the first time,
and to feel that we are his roots in the tree of life that give him support and security.”
(Reinhard Becker)


HypnoBirthing childbirth videos

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